The Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation sponsors economically challenged college students by providing the financial support necessary to participate in unpaid Internships critical to advancing their careers.

Supporting Unpaid Internships

Students have the potential to take a big step forward at an internship, but they may find it difficult to make ends meet. Many great opportunities can involve a temporary relocation along with the additional associated costs of living. The foundation wants to replace the need for a second job so that interns can focus on their passions.

Our Interns

The students sponsored by the Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation come from diverse backgrounds and have pursued a wide variety of academic and career opportunities. Since 2014, the Foundation has sponsored more than 25 of these dynamic young people, making possible the professional experiences that will contribute to their success.

Chet Hubbard

Interned at Partnership for a Secure America

"For that, I just wanted to thank you and all the great work your foundation has done for me. Doors continue to open for me in ways I could not have foreseen because of your work."

Curtis O'Neal

Interned at Atlantic Council.

"I know I will use the skills learned here for years to come in my professional life. I once again extend my deepest gratitude to The Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation for granting me this opportunity."

Vanissa Prempehv

Interned at Solidarity Center

"I'm so grateful for this internship opportunity that your scholarship has made possible. I've had alot obstacles come my way this year and this scholarship has not only given me hope but a new found motivation."

Kathy Kim

Interned at Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies

"It has been a humbling experience to know that there are those willing to invest in me and my future and has been a continuing motivating force to keep striving."

Jessica Ripley

Interned at a Veteran's Center in California

"I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from the staff and Veterans at the VA. This internship has been the most valuable part of my education."

Lindsay Druskin

Interned at Adoptions Together

"I have learned valuable information and gained so much experience towards my future career. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of Adoptions together even though it was only for a short time."

College Internships and Employment Success

Sourced from Huffingtonpost, written by Southwestern University

It’s been long understood that higher education significantly improves employment opportunities and outcomes while contributing to job satisfaction. In the competitive labor markets of the twenty first century, however, the once exclusive college degree—which for decades provided graduates with ample employment opportunities—has become prevalent in the American workforce, resulting in a new determining factor for those seeking jobs: experience.

In 2014, Southwestern University conducted a study of nearly 900 students to determine the impact of internship experience on successful job placement following graduation. The study concluded that while important, academic performance (GPA) actually had a slightly negative impact on job placement, while participating in a single internship experience had a dramatic influence on outcomes. The conclusion? The value of internship experience is, in a word, invaluable.


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Internships are a source of invaluable professional experience which often serve as a gateway to a rewarding career. Financial challenges, however, can limit critical internship opportunities for many students. The Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation is here to help.

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Since its formation in 2014, the Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation has distributed over $125,000 in assistance to students pursuing professional internships; internships that would not have been possible without our sponsorship.

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